Why choose our school camps?

We guarantee that you will not have problems:

  • Our civil liability insurance covers all the risks.
  • Telephone medical assistance 24 hours / day.
  • We previously pay your school a visit and design the stay together.
  • Professional and serious treatment of intolerances.
  • All facilities within the same complex.
  • You can come in high season and pay the low season prices.

We guarantee that we will make it very easy for teachers:

  • Option to hire night monitor
  • Optional dining room supervision.
  • Option to include the bus.
  • Free stay for all teachers.
  • Teachers will have meals at our restaurant.
  • Our supervision ratio (1 supervisor / 12-14 children).
  • We are not a travel agency, we are the house that will take care o you and serve you.
  • Free stay for teachers children.
  • We help students to fund their stay (€ 120).

We guarantee our commitment, humbly, to help you teach:

  • Inculcating the children with the 3C of our pedagogical model (Creixement - Growth, Coneixement - Knowledge and Consciència - Awareness)
  • We are perfectly able to conduct all the activities in English.
  • We offer you a wide range of thematic stays so you can choose the one that suits you best according to your needs.

    Thematic Stays:
    • Growth: The fantastic forest, The story told, Let's lift the curtain! ...
    • Knowledge: The mischievous Indians, The Little Prince, Hogwarts: School of Magic ...
    • Awareness: The Goges, The Time Machine, The Gals of the Garrotxa ...
    Thematic projects:
    • Volcanoes of La Garrotxa, on the way to nature, El Collell: a place with history ...

El Collell, the best offer for a class
or for the whole school

At El Collell we offer you the option to design your camps together with us, the most appropriate for each school or institute.
We want your stay to be a great experience with our team.
It will be a pleasure to work at your service.